We believe that goodness comes from the ground

At our dairy in Waldron, East Sussex, we craft a selection of award winning handmade cheeses using free range raw milk from sustainable family farms within the home counties.

About us

The Delves Family are 3rd generation dairy farmers, making cheese has always been a venture we very much wanted to embrace. Having bought the business off the Dyball Family, it is our goal in 2021 to relocate the business to our dairy farm in Waldron. We have been milking cows at the farm since 1962 and our very focused on a high animal welfare, grass based production system of farming. We are incredibly passionate about good food; we make a selection of award winning handmade cheeses crafted out of free range raw milk which comes from sustainable family farms within the home counties. Traditional farming methods are embraced, the land and hedgerows nurtured, encouraging a unique ecosystem; farmers working in harmony with mother nature. Our family and the farmers we work with are huge grazing advocates, the animals freedom, health and quality of life is paramount; it's the heart and soul of our business, and we believe, the future health of our fellow humans and our planet.

We have signed the Pasture Promise and are Free Range accredited, Vegetarian Society accredited, and have also received The Compassion In World Farming Good Dairy Commendation and Sussex Food Producer of the Year 2016. Over the years, we have consistently won British and World Cheese Award medals.

Our Cheeses

Meet the lovely families we work with

The farmers we work with select strong healthy bloodlines for breeding their animals. All creatures are stocky sturdy beasts, they’re bred for good feet, frame, udder strength and a gentle nature. Due to the way they’re fed, being mainly grass, and passion for their welfare each herd produces less milk than most. Needless to say, they live a much longer, fulfilling life of freedom, in a calm and nurturing environment.

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