*** On site Cheese Vending Machine open 24hrs a day ***

At our dairy in Waldron, East Sussex, we the Delves Family handcraft a selection of award-winning handmade cheeses, using free-range, raw milk from their own farm

About us

We are third-generation dairy farmers. Cheesemaking has been a long-held dream for us and, in 2021, we were able to realise that dream when we acquired The Traditional Cheese Dairy.

Originally situated in Stonegate, we relocated operations to our own dairy farm in Waldron, East Sussex, where our family has been milking cows since 1962. Our focused, high animal welfare, grass-based production system of farming means we are perfectly equipped to maintain the high standards that The Traditional Cheese Dairy has always held – while adding a uniqueness that is entirely our own.

As a family, we are unashamedly passionate about good food, and that passion permeates into our selection of award-winning handmade cheeses.

We embrace traditional farming methods, nurture the land and hedgerows and encourage a unique ecosystem, working in harmony with nature. Our family, and everyone who works on our farm, are grazing advocates and the animals’ freedom, health, and quality of life is paramount. It’s the heart and soul of our business and, we believe, vital for the future health of our species and our planet.

Our Cheeses